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No more addon development or even playing Tree of Savior until imc gets their act together. This includes:

  • Fixing performance issues once and for all. This means >= 30 fps no matter what you're doing in the game and no more microstutters/freezes. I'm fairly confident that the latest fixes they posted about that they're testing won't do anything noticeable. Hope I'm wrong.
  • Actually caring about exploits and fixing them. I've had enough of everything being clientside and there being new exploits left and right. It's absurd the amount of things you can do without proper server checks. There's cold, hard proof of people using exploits nonstop and imc doesn't care. Sometimes they'll randomly pick one to ban, but then they've met their quota for the month and disappear for a while.
  • Treating us like they treat ktos. Hotfixes for critical issues within 48 hours. They advertised and released a big feature, boss cards, and it was completely broken for most players for around a month before they fixed it. No other company would do that.
  • Proper compensation. Klaipedia, and probably other servers as well, couldn't even enter dungeons due to the capacity issue for weeks. imc completely ignored us and gave no compensation. Meanwhile, look at the compensation ktos gets the next day. 1 2
  • GMs that actually do something. Not ones that login at 3 am and shout asking if anyone needs help and then don't actually do anything. Daily scanning of popular bot maps such as tenet church. You can tell if a player is a bot just by looking at its movement for 3 seconds. It's not hard.
  • Remove the needless restrictions put in as an attempt to counter RMT.
  • Do something about AFK farming. With a few exceptions (BDO fishing, maybe), making a game that promotes AFK farming is terrible game design.

This game is in such an awful state and it's not worth investing another minute in. I'd run far away until these things are fixed.

Tree of Savior Addons


  • Experience viewer
  • Map fog viewer
  • Enhanced monster frames
  • Monster kill tracker for journal
  • Guildmates - Displays character level and character name in a tooltip. Adds party request, friend request, and character info to the context menu.
  • Zoomy - Allows you to zoom in/out by holding LEFTALT+PLUS or LEFTALT+MINUS.
  • Developer Console - A window that's useful for development. Type /dev to open it.
  • Experience Card Calculator - Automatically calculates your card level based on experience cards in your inventory.
  • Played - /played displays time played.

Download / Installation

All addons should be installed via the Addon Manager. No more loaders needed. This addon manager should handle everything real easily.

If you have previous addons installed, it's best to delete them all and start from scratch using this app. This includes the addons folder and all of the previous ipfs (including SumAni.ipf!). No more loaders needed.