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ajoberstar / gradle-git


Git plugin for Gradle



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Why do you care?

Git is immensely popular and being able to interact with it as part of a build process can be very valuable to provide a more powerful and consistent result.

What is it?

gradle-git is a set of Gradle plugins:

  • org.ajoberstar.grgit - provides a Grgit instance, allowing interaction with the Git repository the Gradle project is contained in
  • org.ajoberstar.github-pages - publishes files to the gh-pages branch of a Github repository
  • org.ajoberstar.release-base - general structure for inferring a project version and releasing it
  • org.ajoberstar.release-opinion - opinionated defaults for org.ajoberstar.release-base

See Grgit for details on the Git library used underneath, including configuration for authentication.


NOTE: gradle-git modules require Java 7 (or higher).

Questions, Bugs, and Features

Please use the repo's issues for all questions, bug reports, and feature requests.


Contributions are very welcome and are accepted through pull requests.

Smaller changes can come directly as a PR, but larger or more complex ones should be discussed in an issue first to flesh out the approach.

If you're interested in implementing a feature on the issues backlog, add a comment to make sure it's not already in progress and for any needed discussion.


Thanks to all of the contributors.

Credit goes to Peter Ledbrook for the initial idea for the org.ajoberstar.github-pages plugin.

Thanks to Zafar Khaja for the very helpful java-semver library.