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This library implements #lang kraken, a functional-logic programming language embedded in Racket. It draws on inspiration from miniKanren (see and Racket (see

Please be advised that despite its miniKanren-like appearence, this language is in no way backwards compatible.


kraken can be installed as a package within Racket 6.0 or later:

  • raco pkg install git://

After setup finishes, you can run the tests to make sure everything went okay:

  • raco test -p kraken

Finally, you can view the rendered documentation by typing:

  • raco docs kraken


This majority of this software is released under the LGPL (see COPYING and COPYING.LESSER). Portions of this software are directly copied from cKanren (see and miniKanren, and therefore are released under their MIT license. Each file specifies the appropriate copyright and license at the top.