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dart-lang / angular2_components


The official Material Design components for AngularDart. Used at Google in production apps.


Preview Release

These are the AngularDart components that Google uses to build many of its web applications.

Only a small fragment of all the components is available right now. We want developers to have an opportunity to play around with the package as soon as possible.

  • <glyph>
  • <material-button>
  • <material-fab>
  • <material-checkbox>
  • <material-chip>
  • <material-expansionpanel>
  • <material-progress>
  • <material-radio>
  • <material-ripple>
  • <material-spinner>
  • <material-tab>
  • <material-toggle>
  • <material-yes-no-buttons>
  • <reorder-list>
  • <acx-scorecard>
  • <material-input>
  • <material-dialog>
  • <material-popup>
  • <material-tooltip>
  • <material-auto-suggest-input>
  • <material-date-range-picker>
  • <material-list>
  • <material-menu>
  • many more, including a fast table

Officially Supported Browsers: The last two versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

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